Anything can become a pumpkin!

Anything can become a pumpkin!

I love painting and decorating for fall and Halloween, there is something about the rich colors that I love that makes my home feel extra warm and cozy; at least that is how my boys have explained it. So, I am always on the lookout for things that I can turn into something wonderful to add to my always growing collection of fall decorations. I love our Rectangle Electric Candlelight, and right away I could see painting a large pumpkin on the front, so my pencil and I went to work. After I had the pumpkin design drawn and painted on, I then painted the sides and back black and then used Renee Mullins’ new Swirl Dot Star Stencil to add a fun pattern in purple, yellow and green to the sides. To make it look more like a real pumpkin I added two artificial green leaves next to the candlestick, which I painted Honey Brown in order for it to look more like a stem. I added a striped fabric bow to the base of the candlestick to finish the look, and I am quite happy with how he turned out. I can’t wait to display him this upcoming fall and Halloween!

My mind has a tendency to think outside the box, especially when it comes to coming up with new ideas for our existing surfaces, and I am always trying to find a way to turn something into a pumpkin because they are so much fun to paint. I challenge you to step out of your creative box and imagine a surface in a different light, you never know, you might just create something wonderful. I would love to hear and see your ideas either here on our Staff Blog or on our Painting Community, so let those creative juices flow!

Happy Painting!

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  1. Love it! You will make me think more out of the box now. I have that piece. I think I will paint the back like that if possable so I get 2 seasons out of it.

  2. Oh..I couldn’t agree more with you! I love the rich colors of fall. Copper shades, with deep purples, avocado greens, and cranberry accents.
    You are so right about making the house feel comfy cozy. Those are all colors that make me feel “good.”
    I love to paint pumpkins too…so this a a great topic for me!
    In fact…we are now approaching the season, so I’ll be doing a little pumpkin-ing myself!