Angels Times Three

Angels Times Three


Have you painted on the resin pieces yet?  I was recently chatting with a few painting friends who had not tried painting on resin and they wondered how difficult they were to paint on.   I responded that they were easy.  I’m sure that if you haven’t experienced a resin project you might be hesitant to try one but I haven’t found an easier surface to paint on, especially when you consider that there is little or no prep work involved.  All you need to do is lightly wipe off the surface with either a wet or dry paper towel just to remove any dust that may have accumulated and start painting.  When I first started painting on resin I would first paint a coat of Gesso in order to give myself a good base to work on but no longer do that as I haven’t found that it is necessary.  The paint adheres beautifully to the surface and doesn’t chip off.  Shading and highlighting is a breeze because of the smooth texture of the surface although I must say that I find myself dry brushing more often because of the beautiful quality of the application on the 3-dimensional surface.  Many of the resin pieces that Artist Club carries have a lovely texture to them depending on the design and when dry brushing highlights or shadows over the texture the result is really lovely.  When I painted the fall Pumpkin Sitters I did very little float shading because of the texture of the surface and did a lot of dry brushing which made them a breeze to paint.  If I couldn’t get into specific areas with the dry brush I would wet the brush and gently wash my paint into the area and then would blend it out into the dry brushed area and use a mop brush to soften. 


When I first saw the Trio of Angels, which are currently available on the website, I fell in love with them and felt that they were so different from many of the pieces that I usually choose to paint on.  This set of angels reminded me of porcelain pieces that I see in upscale gift shops and thought that they needed to be painted in such a way that they seemed contemporary but with a traditional twist.  I first started with the heads as I thought that the hair and faces would dictate the remainder of the design and I knew that I wanted a blonde, brunette, and a red head.  Once that was accomplished I painted the wings.  The wings came together rather quickly as I knew exactly how I wanted them to appear and used dry brushing to get it done.  That accomplished it was time to make decisions about the dress pattern and color selection.  Again I knew that each angel needed to have her own personality and the dress needed to showcase that.  I also knew that because the angels appeared to be moving the design needed to give the impression of movement consequently I incorporated swirls into each of the designs.  I also had planned for a poinsettia and a pine tree which are more traditional designs and thought that the swirl pattern on the pink angel’s dress pulled the other two together and then of course had to determine which dress colors would compliment each of the designs. 


I hope that the design conveyed this information to all of you; I think that these angels could stay up year round as they do not look like traditional “Christmas” angels.   I know that there are a few Christmas items that I keep in my house year round.  I don’t think it ever hurts us to have even a small amount of Christmas spirit throughout the year and perhaps these angels remind us very gently to keep the Christmas spirit. 

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  1. @Mary You can look forward to lots more resin next year! We’ve gotten our samples in, and there are some wonderful new pieces coming.

  2. I agree with you about resin. I just love working on the resin surface. I spray them with a matte finish before I paint them, I guess that was the way I was told to do it. Artist Club has a nice selection of resin this year. I hope there will be more next year.

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