A special teacher gift

A special teacher gift

Every year since my oldest son was in kindergarten, I gave his teacher a hand painted gift as a thank you for a great year. My oldest son is now in high school, so that tells you how long I have been doing this, and my youngest is finishing 4th grade. Last year I had a total of four teacher gifts to paint, this year, I only had one. I dug out a wooden bucket from my ever growing stash, and then I found an old pattern that I printed from somewhere probably years ago of apples surrounded by “ABC’s and 123’s. I needed to adapt the pattern a little bit, so I painted the apples on the front and finished the back of the bucket in black creating the look of a chalkboard. I was happy how quickly this painted up, due to the fact that I always seem to wait until the last minute to paint this project, even though I know a year in advance this day is coming. My son Cameron and I went shopping and he chose a fun selection of items to fill the bucket up that he thought his teacher would love…a bottle of Dr. Pepper, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate covered caramels shaped like little turtles, a notepad with a butterfly magnet, and a fun package of pencils with a variety of bugs on them, finished off with a thank you note for a wonderful year. So, another year down and four more left to go for painting end of the year teacher gifts.

Now it is time to switch to holiday bazaar preparation mode mixed with a little bit of fun painting for me!

Happy Painting

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