A post from Tracy Meola

A post from Tracy Meola

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When  I was given the opportunity to paint a resin angel for the Artists Club, with a spring theme, I did a little research to find out what colors would be trending for 2015.   A report from the leading color experts, revealed; Strawberry Ice, Custard, Classic Blue, Aquamarine & Glacier Gray (along with a few others) would be the “hot” colors for spring.


To me, spring means life sprouting, birds returning and tree’s flowering.   With this in mind I chose the trending color combination to bring the angel to life by painting a full scene to cover the entire front of the angel’s skirt.  Including tulips and birds, spring arrives with a blossoming tree, watering can and an old fence.   The flower that the angel is holding I made to be a mock bird bath and is actually a useful tea lite candle holder.

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