Family Pallet Sign

Family Pallet Sign

Sometimes I just want a quick and easy project that is finished in a few hours, especially after working on a project that has taken a long time, or is taking a long time. I am really loving the pallet signs that you see everywhere, but honestly, I always think to myself, I can do that, and I hardly ever buy the sign.

Our Lathe Wood Pallet Boxes, which come in three sizes, are perfect for these quick and easy signs. You can either hand letter them, or use a stencil. For my family themed pallet sign, I chose to use our FolkArt Family Words/Phrases Stencil (#71935), and the 8″ x 6″ Lathe Wood Pallet Box (#63106).

I painted the entire pallet box Lamp Black (#13067), let it dry and then sanded it down a little bit. The did another coat of Lamp Black and let it dry. I positioned the stencil over the top of the box to figure out my placement, then, because the pallet is a bit uneven, I applied a stencil adhesive (#70268) to the back to make sure that I could get the stencil to stay in place. Then using either a sponge or a Deerfoot brush, lightly stencil Snow White (#13001) over the top of your stencil. When done, carefully pull the stencil up and wash with soap and water. Although, one spot didn’t quite work, I am still loving how it turned out since I wanted a rustic look. After it was completely dry, I sanded a few spots here and there and along the edges for more of a worn look. Then cover with your favorite varnish and you are done!

So, I challenge you to find a sign that you would like to paint, and get to work. You may find these as addicting as I do! Now time to plan my next sign.

Happy Painting!

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