Initial door hanger from the Artist's Club

Family Initial Door Sign

I decorate my front door for the seasons and everyday, but I am not a big decorator for St. Patrick’s Day…so I needed something to hang on my door until I was ready to put up my Easter decor.

I love our Initial Impressions stencils and have so many ideas running through my head, that I decided to use the Sophisticated Alphabet Stencil (#71942) and create a family door sign with a large wooden tag that I have had sitting around for some time. Also, out FolkArt Family Words/Phrases Stencil is great for adding a comforting saying on it as well. I chose to add “There is no place like home.” that is featured on that stencil.

Initial door hanger from the Artist's Club

Initial door hanger from the Artist's Club

Using four colors of paint from the Americana Decor Chalky Paint line, I set to work. The inside of my house is filled with yellows, reds, and blues, but I am loving the lighter colors of the Chalky Paint, so I took a different route color wise than I normally would have. Using  Vintage (#15396), Yesteryear (#15406), Timeless (#15103), Relic (#15407), I turned that large wooden tag into a great door plaque for the “Miller” household. I finished my plaque with a coat of Soft Touch Varnish (#72008) and then added some ribbon that I had in my stash to brighten things up.

This is a quick and easy project that you can complete in day. Sometimes you jusInitial door hanger from the Artist's Clubt need a project like that. Just a tip to achieve straight lines make sure to use tape, and be patient and let it dry completely between coats and before applying tape to fresh paint. This is a project that you can customize with the surface and colors that you choose.

Happy Painting and Creating!

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