Americana Wreath

Americana Wreath

I just moved into a new house and although it was awesome, the outside is lacking some character. I thought a wreath would be a nice way to add some color and personality. Since it is still summer, an Americana wreath was what I wanted to make.

Using our Wooden Ring as the wreath  base, I basecoated the ring with Warm White #13239. Divide the ring into quadrants. Draw horizontal lines across 3 of the quadrants. Paint the quadrant without lines with Uniform Blue #13086. Once dry, Paint every other line with Country Red #13018.

Once all of the base coats are dry, start shading the red with Black Plum #13172, the White with Slate Grey #13068 and the Blue with Midnight Blue #13085.

To make the stars, use our Wooden Stars. Basecoat the stars with Warm White and shade with Slate Grey. Use wood glue to attach.

I used our Burlap Ribbon and Gold Wire to make a bow using this method.

I cannot wait to welcome friends to our new home with this patriotic wreath! If you make your own, let me know on on Facebook and the Clubhouse!

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