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Chalky Paint on Resin?

Chalky Pumpkins

We have been thinking of all sorts of ways to use the DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint.  I decided to try it out on our Resin Swirled Pumpkins.

Sandra Malone did a great job designing animal print for the pumpkins, but I’m not an animal print lover so I wanted something a little more tame (you see what I did there?)

Sandra Malone’s animal print Swirled Pumpkins

So I thought I would try out our new Chalky Paint for the occasion.  I loved how it painted leaving a really smooth finish.  The orange painted in one coat, but I did have to use two coats of paint for the green.  I then used the dark Creme Wax and that just brought out all the beautiful wood-grain texture on the pumpkins.

Chalky Pumpkins 03

Brush on and then with a damp cloth wipe away any excess. After the wax was dry, I simply took a soft cloth and polished up the wax a bit to make it shine.  If you wanted to keep the matte finish, simply don’t polish the wax.  I wish you could all feel the finish, it is wonderful and there is no need to do another sealer, the was does all that for you.  It is simply my new favorite way to antique a project now.

Chalky Pumpkins (2)

I hope you will give Chalky Paint a try on your next Resin project.  It’s not just for wood furniture!

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Another Staff Re-color Project Done!

Our resin Lovely Angels were very spring oriented, but when I looked at them recently I  saw them as something other than just spring. In fact, I saw each one of them could represent a different season; one for summer, one for fall, and one for winter or Christmas. So, I sat down with my paints, and away I went choosing my favorite colors for each season and making my plan. I think they turned out just “lovely”. I added a few details to the summer and fall angels using stencils I have had forever, and the winter one is just a grouping of dip dots made with a stylus. I decided for the summer to add DecoArt Glamour Dust Paint to the wings, but the fall and winter I used DecoArt Dazzling Metallics. I can’t wait to give them a final coat of spray varnish, and take them home to display…during their respective seasons of course.

Happy Painting!


angelsrecolor_8 angelsrecolor_7 angelsrecolor_6

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For the love of Americana

I love Americana, and if you were in my house, you would see touches of it all year long throughout the house. So, I had this idea to give our resin Mushroom Cottage a patriotic look for the 4th of July. So, I picked my favorite colors and went to work. With a little shading and highlighting to make things pop, and a few quick and easy stroke flowers, this piece came together. Now I just need to spray it with a little varnish and it is ready to display on my front porch with my red geraniums, white petunias, and

Always remember, that if you don’t like the way a surface is painted, let the artist in you come out and trust your instincts and get creative. If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it. Who knows what you will come up with when you think outside the box. Hope this project inspires you to paint something in your favorite style. Happy Painting!

PatrioticToadHouse_5Finished PatrioticToadHouse_4Finished

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