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BOO Paper Mache Letters

I love our mache letters, they are perfect for a variety of projects and are so much fun! My “Boo” letters were inspired from an idea I saw on Pinterest. With just three paint colors and two stencils and one paint pouncer, this project painted up in a matter of hours. I base coated the “B” with Lamp Black #13067, one “O” with Persimmon #13516, and the last “O” Snow White #13001. When dry I used the color Persimmon and the Versatile Checks Stencil #71916 to add the checks onto the “B”. To add the dots to the Persimmon “O”, I used Snow White with one of our Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824. The Snow White “O” is stenciled with the Square Background Stencil Small #70866 and Lamp Black. When dry spray with your favorite varnish and embellish with bows and accessories to match your taste.

I can’t wait to have these sit on my mantel this October!

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Fall Wreath Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season and I love filling my house with the warm and festive colors. From my mantel to my front door and all through the house, I tuck in pumpkins or sunflowers to brighten things up. I did realize after browsing Pinterest, that I was lacking a wreath for our front door for the month of September. I wanted something fall-ish yet could also work for the end of August as well. After browsing Pinterest ideas, I fell in love with the idea of incorporating the last letter of our family name, and our 12” Paper Mache Letters were perfect for this project. I decided to make two versions, one for me and one for my best friend.

With ideas in my head, off I went to the local craft store (taking one of the letters with me for size reference). I wandered and browsed the isles packed full of wonderful fall ideas, that just got me more excited for the season…and of course ideas for more projects….but first the door wreaths! I am easily distracted in a craft store! I found a grapevine wreath, some fall leaves, sunflowers, and some narrow burlap ribbon that would work great along with the fall buttons and such that I had in my stash at home.

Once home, I paint  ed my letter “M” Lamp Black, and painted my letter “B” with Dark Chocolate. This took about two coats for a completely smooth finish. While the letters dried I laid out my flowers and leaves for placement around the wreath. Once the letters were dry, I sprayed them with DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray. I gave the letters three coats, making sure each coat dried before I did the second. After the varnish was dry, I gathered up my hot glue gun and went to work.

I am happy with how both of them turned out, and my wreath is already hanging on my front door! My first sign of fall! I hope these ideas inspired you to get a paper mache letter and create something wonderful to display in your home.

Happy Painting and Creating!



With a new house comes new home décor inspiration! I am ready for some fall weather and the rich colors that come along with it. After seeing Diane’s lovely wreaths, I wanted to make my own!

I knew that I wanted to paint my letter a deep purple and DecoArt Americana Black Plum #13172 is a beautiful Autumn color. I basecoated my letter in Black Plum and let it dry. Once dry, I stamped the letter with our Cling Jumbo Leaves Stamp #70905 with DecoArt Extreme Sheen in Antique Bronze #16081, Rose Gold #16076 and Bronze #16079. I wrapped the top of the letter with some burlap #40139, and added some fall leaves, flowers and pinecones I bought at my local craft store.

I love the color this wreath added to my front door! Thanks for the inspiration, Diane !

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Countdown to Christmas

I love Advent Calendars! Well, I also love Christmas and creating new projects to display in my home for the holiday season. So cruising around on Pinterest I saw many versions of “countdown boards” using chalkboard paint and I thought to myself, well that would be fun and easy! So, I went to the Web site and looked at all of the surfaces we have and chose our Large Ornament Shaped Plaque #62982. I wanted this to be a quick and easy project, so I chose only three paint colors, Tuscan Red #13255, White Wash #13002, Extreme Sheen 24K Gold #16077, plus the DecoArt Chalkboard Paint #13509.

I painted the main body of the ornament Tuscan Red and the top part 24K Gold. I measured and found the center of the ornament and then taped off a square to the size that I wanted for the chalkboard section. I applied the two coats of chalkboard paint according to the directions on the bottle making sure to let it dry completely between coats. After that, I just hand wrote the words in a white chalk pencil, Days till Christmas, and used a liner brush and White Wash to go over my lettering. I added dip dots with the end of my brush to add just a little something extra to the letters. You can you a stencil if you wanted, but I chose to use my own hand writing instead. Using White Wash and a highlighter brush #20173 I added a slight highlight around each of the large cutout snowflakes that frame the edge of the ornament. Once everything is dry, varnish, carefully making sure to avoid the chalkboard area.

To add a little something extra, I glued our 20 mm Canadian Pine #63083 to the top of the ornament and added some of our red Holly Berries #63085 for just another pop of red on the greenery. With the Baker’s Twine #70259 I tied a strand to the top and then tied a small piece of chalk to the other end so that it would hang nicely from the ornament. To finish it off, I went to my craft stash and pulled out some stripped ribbon and made a simple bow and hot glued it to the top and then glued the ends to the ornament for a little extra dimension.

That was pretty much it….and now you are ready for the holiday season!

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