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Been busy finishing up UFOs!

Like everyone, I have piles and boxes of resin, wood, tin…and I think I have it everywhere! So, I decided I am going to try and finish up as many UFOs that I can get done! I started with the stash of Halloween resin I have had for years…finished out two trains, witches, and a set of Halloween kids, plus a sign and candle holder, all of which I get to enjoy this Halloween! Here is the photo with some of the pieces.


Along with these Halloween characters, I have had batches of Christmas resin sitting around too….may never get caught up on Christmas, there always seems to be something to paint. But, here is what I have accomplished so far:


I still have plenty of boxes to go through and who knows what I will find, but once you start digging into your stash, ideas always seem to arise! So, I challenge you to dig out some of your UFOs and get painting!

Happy Painting!

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Chalky paint on resin

I love DecoArt’s new Americana Decor Chalky paint, but I wondered how it would work on resin…well, I love it on resin! I decided to give our resin Turkey a simple look and chose to basecoat the entire piece first in the color Timeless…and I was surprised that it actually covered the resin in one coat, which was great. Once dry, I did use DecoArt Americana Acrylics to add washes of color to the tail, wings, and head. When all of this was dry I added a coat of spray varnish and then antiqued it with DecoArt’s Antiquing and Staining Medium. I love how he turned out, and I will definitely use the chalky paint again on resin.


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Chalky Paint on Resin?

Chalky Pumpkins

We have been thinking of all sorts of ways to use the DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint.  I decided to try it out on our Resin Swirled Pumpkins.

Sandra Malone did a great job designing animal print for the pumpkins, but I’m not an animal print lover so I wanted something a little more tame (you see what I did there?)

Sandra Malone’s animal print Swirled Pumpkins

So I thought I would try out our new Chalky Paint for the occasion.  I loved how it painted leaving a really smooth finish.  The orange painted in one coat, but I did have to use two coats of paint for the green.  I then used the dark Creme Wax and that just brought out all the beautiful wood-grain texture on the pumpkins.

Chalky Pumpkins 03

Brush on and then with a damp cloth wipe away any excess. After the wax was dry, I simply took a soft cloth and polished up the wax a bit to make it shine.  If you wanted to keep the matte finish, simply don’t polish the wax.  I wish you could all feel the finish, it is wonderful and there is no need to do another sealer, the was does all that for you.  It is simply my new favorite way to antique a project now.

Chalky Pumpkins (2)

I hope you will give Chalky Paint a try on your next Resin project.  It’s not just for wood furniture!

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