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Night Sky Paint Caddy

Hi guys! I have been inspired by the galaxy trend the past year, but I have not found a surface to paint it on. Once I laid my hands on our Painter’s Carry All I knew this was the project that I would finally try the trend! After watching some YouTube tutorials I felt very confident that I could execute this project with my limited painting skills.  The beauty of this project is there is no wrong way to paint a sky! As long as the colors blend it will still look pretty.

First, I basecoated the entire Carry All, including inside and brush holder interior boxes with Lamp Ebony Black (#13067). This took about 2 coats for me. I found my inspiration image and sketched the mountain range. Using the inspiration image as a reference, I started dry brushing the sky with True Blue (#13036) with a 1” highlighter brush. Next, I repeated the dry brushing with Purple Pizzaz (#13543). I kept layering the True Blue and Purple Pizzaz until the two colors were blended across the sky. In order to add some depth I left the black basecoat showing through some of the layers. To add the sun setting behind the mountain, I blended some Golden Straw (#13168) at the peak of the mountain. I repeated these steps around the whole carry all and on the 2 brush holder interior boxes. Once dry, I splattered Snow White (#13001) using a number 8 Shader brush dipped in water and paint to create the stars. I wanted smaller splatters and larger splatters to create a feeling of distance in the sky.  If you get Snow White on the mountain range cover the splatters with Lamp Ebony Black. That’s it! You now have a very trendy but functional Painter Carry All. Be sure to share your project photos on our Facebook Page or the Clubhouse.

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Hello Spring Planter

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring weather! We had a dreary winter here in the PNW and can’t wait for sunny and warmer days. When I saw our Lagoon Blue Canister  I was immediately drawn to the bring team color! It is the cutest addition to any desk but I wanted to add some flair to it. I also wanted to use it as a planter, but as a certified plant killer I needed one that is low maintenance so it would be easier to keep alive!

I used Linda Lover’s painting instructions found in Brushtiques 9 to paint a poppy onto the canister. I wanted more of an orange color instead of Linda’s red so I replaced Autumn Red with Cadmium Orange. I loved her handwritten phrase on the stem but wanted to personalize it a bit further. Following the instructions found in Nib & Ink I used an Identi Pen to write “hello spring”.

Since the canister does not have a hole in the bottom for proper drainage, I used about an inch of gravel on the bottom the of canister before planting the succulent to aid in proper drainage of the soil. If you want to plant something other than a succulent, you can drill a hole on the bottom of the canister instead.

I love the bright and happy addition to my desk!

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Monochromatic Fall Leaf Pumpkin

Do you know what Pyrography is?  It is when you burn a pattern/design into a wood surface.  I have a collection of mini gourds from South America which are a combination of paint and pyrography.  We use them as Christmas ornaments.  For some weird reason this resin pumpkin “screamed” gourd art to me and I immediately thought of my gourd collection.  One thing I love about my gourds is that the artists who designed them use a limited palette. My favorites are actually monochromatic with the wood burning actually showing areas of light and dark.  They are stunning. That is what I was hoping to achieve with this pumpkin design, consequently I used a very limited palette with a black background to set the leaves off.  I have a friend who is a gourd artist and she likes to include gold leaf on her gourds, I used a gold metallic paint to mimic the look of the gold leaf. Once I had the leaves complete I felt that the piece needed something and chose to add the word Home.  I felt the light color of the lettering against the black background set the piece off.  My hope was that this would not be just a seasonal piece and instead could be left out year round.    I hope you paint this design and enjoy it in your HOME. Click for your FREE pattern download.

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